What’s Hot in 2016?


We spend much more time indoors during the winter months. If you find yourself looking around at your home’s decor and feeling a little blah, take a look at these 2016 home decor trends and start planning a fun decorating project!

According to Zillow Digs, an online hub for home improvement and design inspiration based in the U.S., ‘farmhouse chic’ (think mason jar light fixtures and chalkboard paint refurbs) is on the outs and a movement towards “simplicity with bold accents reminiscent of the roaring 20s” is what’s hot. When is comes to colour, natural, earthy shades are popular once again, contrasted with retro art deco statement pieces.

Here are Zillow Dig’s top four design trends for 2016:

  • Art deco will make a bold new comeback in 2016, with a few modern improvements. Look for the style’s trademark geometric patterns and honeycomb shapes to weave their way into anything from wallpaper to artwork, adding elegance and dimension to any space. Experts also predict gold statement lighting fixtures to rise in popularity, especially in kitchens and dining rooms.


  • Nubby wool or other natural fibres will be the go-to texture for 2016, especially for area rugs. Its neutral hues create the perfect indoor/outdoor vibe while softening bolder colours or dramatic statement pieces.


  • Encaustic tiles – these intricate patterned tiles get their colouring from different types of clay or minerals rather than glaze, and can be used to create a beautiful, natural-looking focal point. Expect to see encaustic tiles pop up in a variety of rooms throughout the house in 2016, including kitchen backsplashes, bathroom shower tiles, accent walls and even fireplace mantles.


  • Less is more, as minimalism and thoughtful decor choices will be a prominent theme in 2016. Flea market finds, travel souvenirs and unique artisan pieces will take centre stage in home design. Look for a rise in partnerships between big box stores and global artisans to accommodate the increased demand for one-of-a-kind or handmade items.

Jennifer Birch

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