Creating Great Curb Appeal

front entry

Freshening up the exterior of your home is critical if you want to get those all-important buyers to your front door. Here are some tips to update your outdoor living spaces that are sure to help you close that sale:

Colour code – Add a bit of drama to your front and rear yards by creating a theme or using a consistent colour scheme. Add splashes of vibrant colour like lime or teal in planters and on throw pillows for the chairs on your front porch. Be sure to update outdoor furniture with wrought iron or trendy wicker. You don’t have to purchase an entire set, even updating one main piece will do.

Re-arrange it – Literally, re-arrange it. A swapping of plant material and a little top-up of fresh mulch in your garden beds will reinvigorate your front and back yards.

Trim – A good prune and shearing of shrubs and hedges is a must. A good rake helps wipe out even more garden debris.

Year-round blooms – Choose flowering shrubs and perennials that bloom throughout the varying seasons. Yews, false cypress and Alberta spruce can all be potted to give your home an instant formal entrance. A long border of mums in a bright colour scheme is eye-catching. Hanging baskets of Boston Ivy and miniature hostas can change the look of any deck or patio.

Clean up walkways – Even stone walkways and driveways need a good cleaning. The easiest tool to use to get the job done is a power washer. After power washing, it is a good idea to remove any grass or weeds growing out of cracks with a hook knife and spade – this will show how well the property has been lovingly maintained.

Jennifer Birch – Realtor

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