Reducing Stress when Selling your house


Numerous studies show moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Here are some tips to reduce stress when selling so that it can be looked at as a time of excitement and change!

Find the right Realtor – Look for a professional who sells real estate on a full-time basis and one who knows your neighbourhood well. Make sure your realtor is tech savvy and is using all the latest tech tools and a website to sell your house. Get recommendations from friends and family, and make sure to meet him/her to ensure it’s the right fit. You should feel comfortable, secure in his/her expertise, and be able to easily ask questions and share your thoughts.

Declutter – Clearing your house of too much stuff not only makes your property more attractive to a potential buyer, it also frees your mind as you make way for a tidy space. Living in a house that is loaded with bits and pieces of junk you might use one day adds to your mental stress. Let it go. If you can’t do that consider using your mother’s crawl space or renting a storage facility to store the stuff till after you’ve moved.

Pretty up the outdoors – Hire a gardener if your place looks like a jungle. Trim back hedges and bushes. Pull weeds, clean walkways and driveways and store away bicycles and toys. Remember the outdoor impression of your house draws potential buyers inside.

Entertain less, go out more – Having guests also invites mess so slow down on the dinner parties and go out with your family. This is especially handy on weekends when buyers have more time to view houses. So plan a visit to the museum, the park or try bowling.

What have you done to reduce stress during a move or when putting your home up for sale?  If you need help, call me.

Jennifer Birch – Realtor

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