Halloween Decorating Spooktacular!

For many, Halloween is the celebration of the year. For children especially, the anticipation of ‘All Hallows Eve’ can surpass any other time of the year! There’s candy, costumes and kids get to stay out past their bedtime – what’s not to love?

Decorating can also be just as fun! Here are some simple and affordable decorating ideas to involve the whole family!

Pumpkins reign high on the must-haves for Halloween decor. Use them uncarved as the perfect fall accessory for your front entrance, or use more than one in various sizes and shapes to create a focal point. You can even paint your pumpkins – use an acrylic paint in any colour and use your imagination!

If you want to carve a design into your pumpkin, check out a site like Pinterest for thousands of unique ideas. Your creativity will instantly begin to flow!

When choosing a theme or colour scheme for Halloween, think non-traditional – black is always a good base, but glam it up with sparkling pink or silver. String tiny interior lights in indoor plants or doorways to give a soft glow.

For projects the whole family will enjoy creating together, try pasta skeletons! Raid your pasta cupboard for different sized pasta and dried beans and build your “skeletons” using glue onto black construction paper. Hang the masterpieces in your window or create more than one for a garland affect.

Old-fashioned paper ghosts are always an easy craft for kids – use any type of white paper, fill the “head” with crumpled tissue, tie a string around the “neck,” colour two eyes and you’re done! You can also trace bats and spiders on black construction paper and hang them from windows, trees, and your entryway. Fast and fun!

Jennifer Birch

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