Creating a Home Office could add value to your home


Home-based business spaces can range from a little office nook in the kitchen to converting an entire garage or basement. Depending on the type of business a homeowner has invested in, working from home has its benefits. But will your home business have an adverse affect come resale?

Countless people are working from home nowadays, so it is not surprising to find many a house with a bedroom delegated as an office. In fact, people often look for a home with a larger number of bedrooms than needed for that very purpose. However, when planning to work from home consider the type of space you require and the impact it will have on potential buyers down the road.


If your business can be run from one simple bedroom conversion, ensure that you stage it as such upon selling – or change it back to a bedroom if there is not a sufficient amount of bedrooms as per your marketplace requirements. Should you run a daycare, your basement would presumably require a makeover upon selling. And if renovating a garage for your business, keep in mind you have drastically limited your market for resale. Bottom line is extra square footage that can be used as a workplace is a profitable improvement. Never lose a room which will usually devalue your house.

Cost is a major factor when creating a home business space. Always keep in mind the future resale. Will you be able to recoup this buyer-specific investment? This could include custom lighting, built-in cabinets, special paneling, granite counters and high-tech gadgets such as flat-screen TVs and an entertainment system. If designing such an opulent office, it would be smart to plan it in such a manner that the space could be utilized in other ways…such as a media room or family entertainment centre. When going over the top, be prepared to not regain full value.


Many home businesses require clients to come to their office. Often this requires a separate entrance and washroom facilities. This could be a real plus for potential homebuyers who wish to rent or have an in-law suite!

Think for the future and always plan ahead. There are a zillion things to think of when starting a business from home, but remember it is just that – your home and your investment.

Jennifer Birch

Photos: Motivointeriors, Houzz

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