Eavestrough Maintenance


When you think of your home’s most important features, things like foundation, windows and roof probably come to mind. Indeed these are all integral parts of your home. But did you know that your eavestroughs are just as important? With the very critical function of diverting damaging water from your home’s foundation, it’s key that your home not only have eavestroughs, or rain gutters as they’re sometimes called, but also that you care for them properly.

It’s a good practice to clean eavestroughs at least twice a year. In the fall, aim to do this before the temperature drops below freezing. In the springtime, try to get this task done before the heavy rainfalls begin. If you attach Christmas lights to your eavestroughs, this is the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. While you’re up there on that ladder attaching lights in the fall and removing them in the spring, take the time to tend to your gutters.

They will need to be cleared of any debris and you should check the downspouts to ensure there are no blockages. Wear a pair of heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands from any sharp bits of metal. Alternatively, use a garden trowel to clear out dirt and leaves. Transfer waste to a bag hanging from the ladder. You can install mesh screens or leaf guards to make this job easier in the future.

Once everything is cleared, wash the gutters out with a hose, watching to ensure that water is draining properly down the pipe. Open any downspouts that may have been crushed at the ground. Another area to inspect is the eavestrough’s nails, hammering any loose ones back into the fascia.

Neglected gutters can lead to many issues, including discoloured siding, rotting fascia, damaged shingles and even broken eavestroughing, leading to necessary replacements. As always, a little home maintenance goes a long way in preventing expensive repairs!

Jennifer Birch

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