5 Reasons to STOP Renting



5 Reasons to STOP Renting Now

If you’ve been contemplating homeownership, now is the time to make a move! Burlington and Oakville are great places to purchase your affordable first home and the market is moving.


Long term Wealth

When you pay rent, you are paying someone else’s mortgage down and you’ll never see that money again.  Yes, buying a home may come with some initial costs (downpayment, closing costs, land transfer tax), but there are many options for you.  You don’t have to have a 20% downpayment anymore.  Yes that’s ideal but there are other options.  You will make that money back over time in equity built in the home. In the GTA, homes appreciate by about 5 to 8 % a year. Some areas are still experiencing higher than normal appreciation rates. Homeownership is about building long-term wealth.


When you have a fixed-rate term on your mortgage it’s predictable. Most people buying homes today know that a fixed-rate is the way to go. This means your payment amount is fixed for the life of the term. For example: If your mortgage is fixed in a 5 year term and the payment is $1000 today, then it will still be $1000 a month in 5 years. This allows you to budget and make solid financial plans. Homeownership generally comes with a predictable table of expenditures. Even the big purchases are predictable.

Low Interest Rates

It’s a great time to buy! Interest rates are at historic lows.  This means big savings for today’s buyers. If you have steady income and cash for a downpayment, then be sure to talk to me about what homes could be a fit for you.  I also have great mortgage contacts eager to help the first time buyer.


Homeownership means you “own” your home. You can renovate, update, paint, and decorate to your heart’s desire. You can plant trees, install a pool, expand the patio, or do holiday decorating ~ your style. The bottom line is it’s your home and you can personalize it to your taste. Most renters are stuck with the same beige walls and beige carpet that has been standard apartment decor for 20 years. Now is your chance to let your style personality come out!


Renters tend to see their neighbours come and go quickly. Some people sign year leases while others are in the community for much shorter terms. Apartment complexes also tend to have less common shared space for people to meet, greet, and socialize. Homeowners, however, have yards & walking trails. Neighbours stay put much longer at least three to five years or even longer. This means more time to develop relationships. Research has shown that people with healthy relationships have more happiness and less stress.

Homeownership can be a real joy. It’s time to get in on the action and buy a home that is right for you!

Get in touch with me today to see how easy the homeownership process can be.  jennifer@jenniferbirch.ca  or call me @ 905-633-4607

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