Are you wondering if you should do some renovations before you sell your house? Wondering if the aggravation and money spent will be worth it in the end? If you are thinking of doing some renos to get your house ready to sell – keep reading.

Here are some renovation suggestions:

Curb appeal – This might sound like a no – brainer but cut your lawn and keep it nice and short. Edge the garden, plant some colourful flowers and lay down some mulch. A little under $100 can make your curb appeal pop. Fix all cracks in the walkways, and dig out those weeds between any interlocking brick. If pulling weeds is not your thing pay your kids to do it or pay a neighbours kids to do it, kids are always looking for ways to make money. Give your front door and garage doors a fresh coat of paint (after you take off the flaky paint). Hang flower boxes or plant some big pots by the front door. There is a large Home Depot in the Rio Can centre off of Burloak in Oakville and it is a great place to get ideas and they have a range of products that can fit any budget. Spending a few hours on the front of your house will ensure that it is appealing for any potential buyers.

Upgrade the kitchen – One of the biggest return on your investment will be in the kitchen and in Burlington and Oakville, people expect a decent kitchen. Buyers want granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, modern cabinets and hardware and updated light fixtures. Not sure where to start? Pick up a House & Home decorating magazine or Style at Home. Both are Canadian publications and they will give you a visual picture of what people in the GTA and across Canada are looking for in homes. IKEA, just off of Plains Road in Burlington is a great place to start looking for a budget friendly update. Home Depot would be your next step. There are also many DIY (Do it yourself) stores out there where you can pick and choose from bargain pieces that were floor models. Expect to spend anywhere from $500 and up depending on how dated your kitchen is.

Beautiful bathrooms – After kitchens, bathrooms are the next place in your house that will see the biggest return on investment. Granite countertops, modern faucets and light fixtures and tile floors are popular with buyers. The more you can do yourself, the more money you’ll save. Expect to spend about $200 – $1500. You can save even more by buying store floor models for sinks and vanities or going to ReStore at 1800 Appleby Line in Burlington it is a great place to find used or slightly damaged products.

Basements – If you have the money, consider finishing your basement properly. If you have an older home and it’s got the good old wood paneling then consider painting it. This is a budget friendly way to update and neutralize the space. It will make your basement appear large and open. If you have cement walls, talk to a contractor to see what the cost would be for dry walling the basement. If you don’t know a contractor – I’ve got a great guy who can help you out – just give me a call. Another thing to consider is that if your basement has old carpeting you may want to replace it. If it’s been there for years there is probably a bit of a smell that goes along with it. Basements are prone to dampness and removing the smell will be more appealing to potential buyers.

Before starting any renovations, make sure you do your homework.

Think about what you want to do
Make a budget
Figure out what you can do yourself
Contact a contractor for jobs you don’t want to do
Don’t go overboard or you won’t get your money back
One last thing my father always said: Remember to measure twice and cut once!

If you have any questions about Renovations please contact me and I would be happy to help you out. I can be reached at 905-407-3274 or you can email me @

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