This is my first blog on decorating and design.  I figured the previous blogs would guide you in finding the real estate you want and now we can look at the decoration side of things – the fun stuff.

I wait patiently every month for all my decorating subscriptions to come in the mail and when they do I pile them up in my office and wait for a Saturday morning where I can dedicate time to read them.  I make my Starbucks coffee just right and then sit in my front living room where the morning light is perfect for flipping through the magazines.  Ahhh, bliss!

Summer time is a great time to get creative and use a “pop” of colour somewhere in your home.  This summer the emphasis is on bold colours like Benjamin Moore’s Fresno  which is a coral colour and is complimented well with neutrals, blues and greens.  If you like the blue green colours why not tryBrilliant Metals by Valspar.



  • Try painting a wooden accent chair in a glossy bold colour
  • Add cushions of varying complementary colours and textures
  • What about a bowl or vase that has colour
  • Placemats are an easy and non-committal way to add colour
  • Framed art can always add a little colour to your walls

Dressing your home is like dressing yourself – give it personality be a little bold and go with your gut!

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