Sometimes making decisions paralyzes us so much so that they cannot move forward.  The fear of making a bad decision keeps us from making any decision at all.  Here is a saying I like that helps me make decisions “Often in error, never in doubt.”  Which means confidently make your decision, it may be in error but at least you are making the decision.

Here are 7 STEPS to help you MOVE FORWARD

1)    Decide exactly what you want

2)    Write it down – once it is written you have a better chance of getting what you want

3)    Deadline – create a deadline

4)    Action Steps – what action are you going to take to move you from point A to    point B

5)    Organize your list in priority sequence – first things first

6)    Action – do something, do anything

7)    Daily do something to move you forward

How does this blog relate to you?  Are you a First Time Home buyer?  A Selller?  What decision are you going to make today to move you forward?


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